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MART Video Production Services Project. RFR-10-11-17

The Montachusett Regional Transit Authority, (hereafter referred to as MART), is seeking the services of video production professionals to film and produce a 15-30 minute video, which is easily split into a series of shorter videos for webcasting, that provides a visual tutorial on How to Ride MART’s Fixed Route Bus Services. The purpose of the video is to educate viewers, promote fixed route services, and provide a visual aid to instructors who are a part of MART’s travel training program. This video will include, but is not limited to, such topics as, “how to read our bus schedule” and “how to use the fare payment system.” The video needs to be in English and Spanish (not simultaneously) as well as include Closed Caption/Subtitles. (Bid options will include Spanish Voiceover, Spanish Subtitles, or Spanish live actor.)

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