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Route 2
MART ITC Gardner Gardner Plaza Heritage Village Walmart Timpany Plaza Olde English Village City Hall (Rear) Gardner Highrise Levi Heywood Memorial Library Gardner District Court Mount Wachusett Lot B Henry Heywood Hospital Hillside Gardens Dunn Pond Price Chopper MART ITC Gardner
6:04A 6:06A 6:12A 6:17A 6:21A 6:26A 6:34A 6:38A 6:44A 6:48A 6:52A 6:55A 6:57A 7:00A 7:07A 7:08A
7:08A 7:10A 7:17A 7:22A 7:27A 7:33A 7:40A 7:44A 7:51A 7:55A 7:57A 8:00A 8:04A 8:05A 8:12A 8:13A
8:13A 8:15A 8:22A 8:27A 8:32A 8:38A 8:45A 8:49A 8:56A 9:00A 9:02A 9:05A 9:09A 9:10A 9:17A 9:18A
9:18A 9:20A 9:27A 9:32A 9:37A 9:43A 9:50A 9:54A 10:01A 10:05A 10:07A 10:10A 10:14A 10:15A 10:22A 10:23A
10:23A 10:25A 10:32A 10:37A 10:42A 10:48A 10:55A 10:59A 11:06A 11:10A 11:12A 11:15A 11:19A 11:20A 11:27A 11:28A
11:28A 11:30A 11:37A 11:42A 11:47A 11:53A 12:00P 12:04P 12:11P 12:15P 12:17P 12:20P 12:24P 12:25P 12:32P 12:33P
12:33P 12:35P 12:42P 12:47P 12:52P 12:58P 1:05P 1:09P 1:16P 1:20P 1:22P 1:25P 1:29P 1:30P 1:37P 1:38P
1:38P 1:40P 1:47P 1:52P 1:57P 2:03P 2:10P 2:14P 2:21P 2:25P 2:27P 2:30P 2:34P 2:35P 2:42P 2:43P
2:43P 2:45P 2:52P 2:57P 3:02P 3:08P 3:15P 3:19P 3:26P 3:20P 3:32P 3:35P 3:39P 3:40P 3:47P 3:48P
3:48P 3:50P 3:57P 4:02P 4:07P 4:13P 4:20P 4:24P 4:31P 4:35P 4:37P 4:40P 4:44P 4:45P 4:52P 4:53Pt
4:53P 4:55P 5:02P 5:07P 5:12P 5:18P 5:25P 5:29P 5:36P 5:40P 5:42P 5:45P 5:49P 5:50P 5:57P 5:58PT
Route 2 Roads Traveled:
Main, Chestnut, Union Square, Main, Pearson, S. Main, E. Broadway, Waterview, E. Broadway, W. Broadway, Timpany, W. Broadway, Manca, W. Broadway, Timpany, Main, Willow, Pleasant, Knowlton, Connors, City Hall, Nichols, Parker, Greenwood, Baker, Marquette, Church, Waterford, Parker, Robillard, Douglas, Foss, West, Parker, Central, Pine, Cross, Elm, Central, Woodland, Green, Matthews, MWCC, Green, (Henry Heywood Hospital), Green, Bertha, Becky, Blanchard, Pearl, Elm, Cross, Chestnut, Main
Saturday Schedule
Gardner Bus System Map

To download the Gardner bus system map, click on the link below


Adult $1.25
Student (18 & younger, MWCC Student w/college ID) Elders (60 and older) $0.60
Disabled Riders (with Medicare, Statewide or other proper ID) $0.60
Children (5 and under with an adult) Free
Monthly Regular $30.00
Monthly Elderly, Disabled, Veterans, Students, MWCC Students with ID $20.00
Monthly Regular $60.00
Monthly Elderly, Disabled, Veterans, Students, MWCC Students with ID $40.00
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