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Route 2: Intermodal Center to Monument Square Route 9: Monument Square to Walmart Route 2: Monument Square to Intermodal Center
Intermodal Center MART Garage (CityLine) Leominster Hospital Monument Square (Main St.) Johnny Appleseed Jytek Park* Registry
Vehicles (RMV)**
Reliant Medical Walmart Monument Square (West St Water Tower Plaza Leominster Hospital Erdman Way MART Garage (CityLine) Intermodal Center Arrival
Arrive Depart Arrive Depart
5:15A 5:17A 5:22A 5:27A 5:32A
5:35A 5:40A 5:45A 5:50A 6:00A 6:08A 6:14A 6:18A 6:21A 6:27A 6:32A
6:35A 6:40A 6:45A 6:50A 7:00A 7:08A 7:14A 7:18A 7:22A 7:27A 7:32A 7:37A 7:45A
7:50A 7:56A 8:01A 8:05A 8:10A 8:15A 8:21A 8:23A 8:33A 8:37A 8:42A 8:47A 8:53A 8:59A 9:08A
8:35A 8:41A 8:46A 8:50A 8:55A 9:00A 9:06A 9:08A 9:18A 9:22A 9:27A 9:32A 9:38A 9:44A 9:53A
9:15A 9:21A 9:26A 9:30A 9:35A 9:40A 9:45A 9:53A 9:55A 10:05A 10:09A 10:14A 10:19A 10:25A 10:31A 10:40A
10:00A 10:06A 10:11A 10:15A 10:20A 10:25A 10:31A 10:33A 10:43A 10:47A 10:52A 10:57A 11:03A 11:09A 11:18A
10:45A 10:51A 10:56A 11:00A 11:05A 11:10A 11:16A 11:18A 11:28A 11:32A 11:37A 11:42A 11:48A 11:54A 12:03P
11:25A 11:31A 11:36A 11:40A 11:45A 11:50A 11:55A 12:03P 12:05P 12:15P 12:19P 12:24P 12:29P 12:35P 12:41P 12:50P
12:10P 12:16P 12:21P 12:25P 12:30P 12:35P 12:41P 12:43P 12:53P 12:57P 1:02P 1:07P 1:13P 1:19P 1:28P
12:55P 1:01P 1:06P 1:10P 1:15P 1:20P 1:26P 1:28P 1:38P 1:42P 1:47P 1:52P 1:58P 2:04P 2:13P
1:35P 1:40P 1:46P 1:50P 1:55P 2:00P 2:05P 2:13P 2:15P 2:25P 2:29P 2:34P 2:39P 2:45P 2:51P 3:00P
2:20P 2:26P 2:31P 2:35P 2:40P 2:45P 2:50P 2:58P 3:00P 3:10P 3:14P 3:19P 3:24P 3:30P 3:36P 3:45P
3:05P 3:11P 3:16P 3:20P 3:25P 3:30P 3:35P 3:43P 3:45P 3:55P 3:59P 4:04P 4:09P 4:15P 4:21P 4:30P
3:50P 3:56P 4:01P 4:05P 4:10P 4:15P 4:20P 4:28P 4:30P 4:40P 4:44P 4:49P 4:54P 5:00P 5:06P 5:15P
4:35P 4:41P 4:46P 4:50P 4:55P 5:00P 5:06P 5:08P 5:18P 5:22P 5:27P 5:32P 5:38P 5:44P 5:53P
5:20P 5:26P 5:31P 5:35P 5:40P 5:45P 5:51P 5:53P 6:03P 6:07P 6:12P 6:17P 6:22P 6:27P 6:35Pt
6:00P 6:06P 6:11P 6:15P 6:20P 6:25P 6:31P 6:33P 6:43P 6:47P 6:52P 6:57P 7:02P 7:07PT
Route 2-9-2 Roads Traveled:
Intermodal Center; Main, Water, North Main, Nelson, Memorial, Hospital, North Main, Main, Monument Square, Central, (*Jytek Park route deviation 4x/day: Jytek, Willard, Jytek, Central), (**RMV route deviation 4x/day: Research Drive, Central), Willard, New Lancaster, Jungle, New Lancaster, Willard, Central, Park, West, Monument Square, Main, North Main, Water Tower Plaza, Hamilton, North Main, Nelson, Memorial, Hospital, Chandler, Nelson, North Main, Erdman Way, North Main, Water, Main, Intermodal Center
Snow Route: Bus will not service the Leominster Hospital shelter. The hospital can be accessed on foot at the intersection of Hospital Road and North Main St.
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Fitchburg/Leominster Map

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Adult $1.25
Student (18 & younger, MWCC Student w/college ID) Elders (60 and older) $0.60
Disabled Riders (with Medicare, Statewide or other proper ID) $0.60
Blind, Active Military, Active FSU ID (Fitchburg/Leominster Only) Free
Children (5 and under with an adult) Free
Monthly Regular $30.00
Monthly Elderly, Disabled, Veterans, Students, MWCC Students with ID $20.00
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