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Route 5: Intermodal Center-Parkhill Plaza-Central Plaza
Intermodal Center Upper Common Joseph House Parkhill Plaza Waites Corner Montachusett Industrial Park* Upper Common Central Plaza Intermodal Center Arrival
5:20A 5:24A 5:29A 5:36A 5:48A 5:58A 6:03A 6:08A
6:10A 6:14A 6:19A 6:26A 6:38A 6:41A 6:51A 6:56A 7:01A
7:03A 7:07A 7:12A 7:19A 7:31A 7:41A 7:46A 7:51A
7:53A 7:57A 8:02A 8:09A 8:21A 8:31A 8:36A 8:41A
8:43A 8:47A 8:52A 8:59A 9:11A 9:21A 9:26A 9:31A
9:33A 9:37A 9:42A 9:49A 10:01A 10:11A 10:16A 10:21A
10:23A 10:27A 10:32A 10:39A 10:51A 11:01A 11:06A 11:11A
11:13A 11:17A 11:22A 11:29A 11:41A 11:51A 11:56A 12:01P
12:03P 12:07P 12:12P 12:19P 12:31P 12:41P 12:46P 12:51P
12:53P 12:57P 1:02P 1:09P 1:21P 1:31P 1:36P 1:41P
1:43P 1:47P 1:52P 1:59P 2:11P 2:21P 2:26P 2:31P
2:33P 2:37P 2:42P 2:49P 3:01P 3:11P 3:16P 3:21P
3:23P 3:27P 3:32P 3:39P 3:51P 3:54P 4:04P 4:09P 4:14P
4:16P 4:20P 4:25P 4:32P 4:44P 4:54P 4:59P 5:04P
5:06P 5:10P 5:15P 5:22P 5:34P 5:44P 5:49P 5:54P
5:56P 6:00P 6:05P 6:12P 6:12P 6:34P 6:39P 6:44Pt
6:46P 6:50P 6:55P 7:02P 7:14P 7:24P 7:27PT
Route 5 Roads Traveled: Intermodal Center: Main, River, Daniels, Oakhill, Franklin, Electric, Rollstone, Electric, Franklin, Oakhill, Daniels, River, Westminster, (*oute deviation 2x/day: Industrial, Westminster), Wachusett, Plain, Cascade, Westminster, River, Main, Boulder, Cushing, Main, Water, Main, Intermodal Center
Snow Route: Intermodal, Main, River, Daniels, Fairmont, Oakhill, River then resume normal route. The Parkhill Plaza stop/area is skipped during the snow route due to the steep hills and narrow roads.
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Fitchburg/Leominster Map

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Adult $1.25
Student (18 & younger, MWCC Student w/college ID) Elders (60 and older) $0.60
Disabled Riders (with Medicare, Statewide or other proper ID) $0.60
Blind. Active Military, Active FSU ID(Fitchburg/Leominster Only) Free
Children (5 and under with an adult) Free
Monthly Regular $30.00
Monthly Elderly, Disabled, Veterans, Students, MWCC Students with ID $20.00
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